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What Makes The Invisible Wallpatch 
So Unique?
  •   INSTALLS TO THE BACK OF THE WALL - Unlike Traditional Patches Which Stick to the Front!
  •   YOU'LL NEVER KNOW THERE WAS A HOLE - It's Called The Invisible Wallpatch for a Reason! 
  •   GET PROFESSIONAL RESULTS - It Will Look as if You Put In a New Piece of Drywall!
  •   NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY - This Patch is Designed So the Amateur Gets Professional Results!
Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

  Simple and GOOD

By Randy T. on December 7, 2016

Size: 3 Pack | Verified Purchase

Will blow your mind. Simple, effective, and INVISIBLE. Just as advertised. If I could give 10 stars I would. Been patching drywall since the 80's. Thought I had seen just about every solution, some better than others. It's not the most complicated job but it can be time consuming and, for someone who has never done it, confusing. This product provides easy to follow instructions along with an effective solution that is quick and easy. I highly recommend.

This was my first time patching a hole in a wall so I wasn't sure it would come out very good.  My husband was out of town and I wanted to get it done so I looked around online for a solution.  I was looking for something that looked easy to use and I went with this one.  It worked!  It's as easy as the instructions make it look and my wall came out looking perfect on my first try.  I recommend this to anyone!  I have a couple of energetic little boys so I'm sure this won't be the last hole we have!      ~Sarah L.

  These saved me a ton of money

By Amazon Customer on September 18, 2016

Size: 3 Pack | Verified Purchase

Loved these. I have been doing a lot of work on my house to get it ready to be sold and these allowed me to fix a few walls myself instead of hiring someone. I am pretty useless at work around the house so the fact that I pulled that off is a testament to the product.

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The Invisible Wallpatch is Different 
Because it Sticks to the Back of the Wall, 
Behind the Hole!

Traditional mesh wall patches stick on the front of the wall, over the hole to be patched.  This does a fine job of patching the hole itself, but the finished product looks terrible because there will always be a lump on the wall where you covered the mesh patch with joint compound.  Only professionals who are highly skilled at applying joint compound can conceal the traditional mesh patch without leaving an ugly bulge on the wall.

Traditional Mesh Surface Patches Leave an Unsightly Bulge on the Wall!

To use The Invisible Wallpatch, you will insert the patch through the hole and stick it to the back of the wall.  Then insert the included piece of foam to take up most of the volume of the hole.  Once you apply a thin layer of joint compound and scrape off the excess, your wall will be completely flush like it was originally, with no ugly bulge.

The Invisible Wallpatch Will Leave Your Wall Perfectly Flush, 
As It Originally Was!

Have you ever walked into someone's house and noticed a strange looking lump on the wall?  Most likely they patched a hole using the traditional method of a metal mesh patch.  If you'd rather not have that lump on your wall, The Invisible Wallpatch is for you. 

 The Invisible Wallpatch is designed to easily install to the back of the wall, so it forms a backer for your hole.  Instead of having to skillfully conceal a mesh patch with joint compound, you simply fill in the hole with joint compound and scrape off the excess, leaving your wall perfectly flush.

When you apply joint compound over a traditional mesh patch, you must "feather it out," and spread the joint compound over an area much larger than the patch itself, in order to blend it in with the wall as much as possible.  The Invisible Wallpatch eliminates this task entirely.  It not only makes the process much simpler, easier, and faster, but most importantly the finished product looks much nicer!

You Are Protected By Our 
100% Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions
I've never patched a hole in drywall before, will I be able to do this?
Yes!  The Invisible Wallpatch is specifically designed so that the first-timer gets professional results!
What's the difference between The Invisible Wallpatch and the metal mesh drywall patch I've used before?
The main difference is that The Invisible Wallpatch is inserted through the hole, and sticks to the back of the wall, forming a backer for your hole.  Since the patch goes behind the hole, there is no patch on the surface of the wall that needs to be covered up with joint compound.  You simply scrape off the excess, leaving a perfectly flush wall surface.
Would I be better off calling a handyman?
No!  The last time I personally hired a handyman to fix a hole in a wall, it cost me $75! 

A handyman will remove a square piece of drywall where your hole is and then replace it with a new piece of drywall. The end result looks great but it requires tools, skills, and time on the handyman's part, which is why it will cost you so much money. The Invisible Wallpatch is specifically designed to give you the same aesthetic results of having a perfectly flush wall, as if a handyman actually did remove a piece of drywall and replace it, however you can get this done for under $20 instead of $75, like I paid!
I've used those metal mesh drywall patches before and I always end up with a lump on my wall where the hole obviously was - will this be better than that?
Yes!  The Invisible Wallpatch is specifically designed to restore the surface of your wall to it's original condition!

The typical metal mesh patch that you've used before sticks onto the front of the wall over the hole. This means that you have to skillfully feather out the joint compound using 3 coats in order to blend it in with the existing wall and achieve a nice looking finish. Most people don't have the skills required to blend in the patch job like a pro, and it usually ends up looking terrible.
Is The Invisible Wallpatch strong enough to remain stuck to the back of the wall?   Will it fall off?
Yes it will stick!
The Invisible Wallpatch uses a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, or PSA, which means that the bond is activated by applying firm pressure with your finger and holding for a few seconds.   Be sure to wipe away any dust from the back side of the drywall, press and hold firmly with your finger, and 
The Invisible Wallpatch will form a permanent bond.

You Are Protected By Our 
100% Money Back Guarantee

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